A warm welcome. Claus Modes is a manufacturer / importer and we have been around for 62 years. Our items (gloves, hats, scarves and hairbands) are produced in Europe and the Far East. You can order these items during our presale which runs from February to May. We always give an interesting pre-sale discount.

We also have stock during the season, so you can sort it out yourself.

If you are interested in our items, may be we can visit you during the presale. Of course you are also very welcome in Enschede. If you would like we visit you or visit us, or if you just have something to ask, please send an e-mail stating your details to clausmodes@gmail.com.
We also have a webshop for our customers. You can request a code for this by email.

All prices quoted (also in the webshop) are excl. 21% VAT.

Our own brands include Paradise, Winter, Clausy, CM2.0, EChats and ECgloves.

We do not sell to private customers.